State & County Leaders

When you go into your state or county group in Network America, you will see your county and state leaders listed as the admin on the left-hand column of the page, and you can then contact that person via Network America. Hopefully emails and/or phone numbers will be listed for many of these leaders soon.

Alaska - to be announced soon

California - Kelly Mordecai

Colorado - Judy Spady

Hawaii - to be announced soon

Kansas - Ruben LeBlanc

---- Johnson County - Triston Barker

---- Smith County - Ruben LeBlanc

Mississippi - Gene Hills

--- Sunflower County, Mississippi - Gene Hills

Ohio - Rosemary Malloy

--- Hamilton County, Ohio - Jason Miller

Pennsylvania - Lois Kaneshiki

---- Blair County - Lois Kaneshiki

Please go to your Network America state group and/or county group to contact your state and/or county leader. Also see "Liberty Principles" in the top menu for the guiding principles of the Network America effort.

If you are interested in becoming a state or county leader, please send an email to:

 What do State and County Leaders do?

  • State and County Leaders are individuals who are able to be contacted in the Network America social site, or are at the other end of email or the phone for new or newer members.
  • State and County Leaders help Americans new (or newer) to Network America to get involved and socialize on Network America with a view to physically meeting and organizing in their own neighborhoods and counties.
  • The goal is to work the neighborhood precinct system in some way to ensure that all county leaders of the parties which control each county and state are devoted to the true freedoms of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and opposed to the encroaching police state.
  • Each individual can choose his/her area of activity from educating others (become a "Neighborhood Lighthouse"), to running for precinct in the party of their choice, to getting involved with the prepper network, to joining the Ham Radio network, etc. etc.
  • The goal of Network America is to help everyday Americans (like ourselves) "become the government" in each county and state and then nationally, if the current county party leaders and office holders are not doing their duty.
  • Also, Network America aims to help alert Americans engage in any constructive activities which will make their families, their neighborhood, their county, their state, and their nation stronger in harmony with Liberty principles.



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