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Posted by Claudio Marty in Member Albums on February 23 at 08:11 PM  ·  Public
Your first step to help the Truth movement can be a small but powerful step. Don't underestimate the power of your Facebook profile picture. Combine it with 9/11 information and you will become a powerful instrument to spread awareness about the real events of 9/11.

Your profile picture goes with you wherever you go on the Internet. Post something, there it is! Comment on something, there it is! Your face, with "9/11 TRUTH" emblazoned alongside it, will help get the 9/11 message out there. Passive marketing is always effective because it's personal. It is also easy to do because it's within your everyday activities."

Real-life faces help spread the message because social media users tune out the usual signs and banner. The average American sees 3,000-5,000 advertising messages a day, but a real-life face helps make your message personal and attention-worthy. The world needs to know that "Truthers" are moms, dads, architects, engineers, firefighters, scientists, teachers, nurses, cops, doctors, environmentalists, pilots and iron-workers—all of whom are intelligent, caring, loving, empathetic and cool!

This subtle message helps break through walls of denial. Many of those we encounter in our outreach efforts do not even know that there are problems with the official story about 9/11. Some know that there is controversy, but are encouraged by the 24/7 corporatized news media to view those who raise questions as "lunatics" that deal "fast and loose" with the facts. Curious, open-minded newcomers on the other hand can see that we are friends and neighbors who have become aware that the official 9/11 story doesn't hold up to scrutiny.

With an estimated 1.23 billion monthly active Facebook users, a little 9/11 awareness seeding from us Truthers can make a BIG difference. Consider what can happen when banners are added to profile faces and our images become ubiquitous. These explicit photos can surely help awaken the masses. https://www.facebook.com/groups/911AwarenessProfilePics/

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