Welcome to mooSocial Installation

Please make sure that your server meets all the requirements before proceeding

  • PHP 5.2.8+ with short tags enabled or PHP 5.4+
  • MySql 5+
  • PHP extensions: MySql PDO, GD2, Curl, libxml, exif, zlib (if you need to export theme)
  • Magic quotes must be disabled
  • Memory Limit: 128M+
  • The following directories are writable by the web server user (e.g. change permission to 755 ): app/Config, app/tmp and all its subdirectories, app/webroot/uploads and all its subdirectories

Step 1: Database Configuration

  • (this is usually "localhost")
  • (leave empty if you are not sure)
  • (choose an optional table prefix which must end in an underscore)
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